The Dan Higgins Show

Interviews with people you should know

About Dan Higgins

DSCN1900 (1)I’ve been a journalist, writer, and editor for twenty years. I’ve interviewed heads of state, Nobel laureates,  school board candidates, train crash survivors, naked protesters, convicted killers, creeps, heroes, addicts, CEOs, and one wild turkey.

On this podcast, I want to talk to authors about theirs books, and how they came to be. I like to talk about creativity, too, in a roundabout way. How does imagination fit into their everyday lives? How far do you have to drill to get to the place where writing becomes a transfer of emotion, from author to reader?

What’s bothering you these days about the publishing industry? What’s your dog’s name?

You know, conversation.

When I’m not hosting the podcast, I teach college journalism and writing.

I am a freelance editor, and I’m available to help you with your own writing project. Use the form below to say hello, tell me what you’re working on, and to get a quote.

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